How we helped...

Website Design


The Plan are upcoming social media stars with a large Instagram following. This project aimed to provide them with a website to compliment their online presence on social media. As their following continues to grow it is becoming important to them to ensure that followers and fans can quickly find out important information about their history, how to contact them and to answer frequently asked questions.


This was a larger build and included full hosting, website design of all content, building of the website, customised content management system and search engine optimisation.


We create a range of features for Their website is, as with all our builds, fully responsive on all devices. One of the primary audiences of is fans, who are predominantly Instagram users. These users will mostly be using tablet or mobile devices so the appearance and experience was critical.

Website design

Such a visually lead pair was a pleasure to work with, we had some great ideas to show off Xafi and Auri. We aimed to keep the design simple and crisp to draw the eye to visuals. In addition we felt it was important to develop a style throughout the site that was recognisable and bold. To achieve this we have kept a common theme using greys and whites to match their fur with a touch of beautiful emerald green mimicking their eyes throughout the site.

Dynamic Content

We created dynamic galleries with an in built lightbox feature, so that each gallery can be viewed without any distraction, we felt that this was critical for this beautiful duo and the incredible pictures on display.

Hosting didn't have a domain, so it was also crucial that we could host their site and make it as accessible as possible. We set them up with a fully customised CMS experience designed to their needs so all content can be edited directly on their website and when they are happy with changes they can publishes them live themselves. As with any website build a core principle of Formal Chicken is that we want to enable individuals to maintain and update their own sites as easily as possible.