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Formal Chicken is a digital agency designed to work with entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses, creators and social media influencers. With over 10 years working in the digital space we use our expertise to help you get more out of being online.
All of our work aims to enable you to manage your own digital space and get more out of being online with less effort. Leaving you free to focus on what really matters, your business.

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Build Websites

Responsive, beautiful websites

Your website should be something which enables you and your ideas to grow.
We don't just get you online, we make sure that you are comfortable there. We put years of experience into ensuring the solutions we provide don't get in your way but compliment what you do.


What makes us tick, why do we do what we do? Read a bit more about what started Formal Chicken off.


Take a look at some of the projects we've been working on. From webdesign to enabling influencers and creators.


We aim to enable our clients to help them get the most out of their site. Explore some of our Articles designed to help you get more from digital.

Building brands

For Individuals, for businesses

We help businesses, influencers, creators and individuals make an impact online. Whether you need help finding the correct solution, planning a new project or building your influencer deck; we have you covered.

Our goal is to enable you and remove the barriers so you can keep doing what you do.

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